Skinner hits out at PM

BOLSOVER MP Dennis Skinner has spoken out after Prime Minister David Cameron branded the Labour firebrand a “dinosaur”.

The remark – which came during a heated Prime Minister’s questions session in Westminster last week – has sparked widespread criticism.

Veteran MP Mr Skinner, 79, who has represented Bolsover since 1970, said: “I’ve had more than 100 emails and letters from people supporting me and attacking David Cameron for using Prime Minister’s Questions in that fashion.”

The row erupted when Mr Skinner asked the Prime Minister if he would answer questions over employing ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his spokesman.

Mr Cameron said he would be “delighted” to and added: “It’s good to see the honourable gentleman on such good form.

“I often say to my children, ‘no need to go to the Natural History Museum to see a dinosaur, come to the House of Commons at half past 12’.”

After the row, Mr Skinner was one of the most talked about subjects on the website Twitter. Labour MP Diana Johnson tweeted: “Whatever anyone might say about him, Dennis Skinner was working for his constituents in Bolsover years before David Cameron went to Eton.”

On the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook page, reader Sheila Tarleton commented: “I’d take Dennis Skinner over David Cameron any day. Speaks a whole lot more sense.”

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