Six boys to pick up litter and clean toilets after causing damage in village

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Six young boys who admitted damaging the roof of a public toilet will have to pick up litter and carry out cleaning duties to make amends.

The boys, aged between 12 and 14, caused the damage while climbing on the roof of the toilets in the car park off Hawkhill Road in Eyam.

It was noticed by the toilet attendant that day, and damage had been caused to the roof tiles, flashing and the ceiling of the building.

Police Constable Linda Hancock, of the Eyam Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “After a few local enquiries we managed to identify a group of youngsters who may have been responsible. We spoke to them, and their parents, and they admitted climbing on the roof and causing the damage. No one in the group had done anything like this before.

“We then discussed the issue with Derbyshire Dales District Council, who are responsible for the building, it was agreed the matter could be resolved through restorative processes.

“The boys have agreed to carry out a litter pick around the village, and to cleaning duties around the toilets, to help make amends as well as apologising for their actions.”

PC Hancock added: “We have also spoken to the boys about how dangerous climbing up on the roof is and the risk to their own safety, which I now hope they understand.”

‘Community Remedy’ is part of the criminal justice system designed to find appropriate, quick and effective remedies that give victims the chance to let offenders know the impact of their actions as well as ensuring they then take responsibility and make amends.

Restorative practice can be used to build strong communities and to ensure that disputes and disagreements are dealt with positively and constructively.

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