Sign sparks facebook row

ndet 98408 Controversial Chesterfield Road Signs.
ndet 98408 Controversial Chesterfield Road Signs.

A COUNCIL leader has defended marketing team Destination Chesterfield’s roll-out of welcome signs to the town after a facebook row erupted about the absence of the Crooked Spire logo.

Chesterfield Borough Council leader John Burrows responded to criticism from dozens of Derbyshire Times’ facebook users who slammed the signs for being bland with no historical references and no spire image other than a horizontal red swirl.

Mr Burrows also attacked criticisms from facebook user Andrew Coulson, of Australia, after claiming the ex-Chesterfield man had moved and could not see the signs and the councillor even threatened to say something negative about Mr Coulson’s new home town.

Mr Coulson commented: “The logo doesn’t represent what people around the world see as Chesterfield.”

He added: “Last time I looked the Spire was majestically standing skyward and not resting on its back swirling around.”

Mr Burrows’ facebook response read: “Andy Coulson is so interested in our town he’s moved 10,000 miles away from it. Which means his comments are made on the back of newspaper and social media comments and photos.”

He added: “Tell us where he lives and i’ll(sic) Google it [and] find something negative to say about the place.”

Mr Burrows argued the St Mary and All Saints’ Church Crooked Spire is depicted with a swirl and the new signs include changing messages to promote events and encourage people to visit.

He feels the backlash is a “media-inspired reaction” and there was a public consultation before the signs were agreed.

He stressed the final decision was made by Destination Chesterfield’s business leaders and the council is only one of many partners with Destination Chesterfield.

Mr Burrows said: “A block of people on facebook have seen the sign on a page or in the press and not actually seen it themselves.

“I applaud and recognise everyone’s need to be critical but people should give these matters consideration with first sight.

“It’s a modern, conventional and up-to-date sign that brings Chesterfield into the 21st century without forgetting our cultural heritage.”