SHIREBROOK: Young musician contest in doubt unless more schools come forward

The Warsop, Shirebrook and District Rotary Club met at the Hostess Restaurant with 25 members present.

Amongst items discussed was a letter of thanks from Meden Academy where members engaged in mock interviews for Aspiration Day.

Rtn Graham Goff reported that the club would be planting the clock face in the flower bed on High Street and hoped that some of the children from Meden Academy would be interesting in helping.

Rtn Alan Kelly organised Boccia Day at the Kissingate Centre, with Stubbinwood, Whaley Thorns, Brookfield and Park Junior schools taking part.

Rtn David Adsetts reported that the Young Musician competition to be held at the John Fretwell Centre did not have many entries and might not go ahead unless more schools entered.

Rtn Steve Garner reported that the Young Photographer Competition had been completed and that the prizes and certificates would be awarded at the Shirebrook and Meden Academy on June 13.

Rtn David North reported that 138 senior citizens attended the Hostess Restaurant in May.

The visit to Zofingen in Switzerland to meet the members of the twinning club was to go ahead. Six couples would be attending.

President’s Ladies Evening had been booked for Hassop Hall in Derbyshire and 50 members and guests would attend.

Warsop, Shirebrook and District Rotary club prides itself that every year local senior citizens are collected from their homes and taken to the Hostess Restaurant at Sookholme where they are given tea served by Rotarians Sue and Geoff. The restaurant hosts the event free of charge. Traditionally the highlight after the meal is the cabaret and sing-along session.

Warsop Inner Wheel assisted in the transport arrangements and quite a few Shirebrook residents attended. The food was served but worryingly there was no sign of the cabaret act. After an uneasy wait, kept from the senior citizens, Peter Hopkins who is also the secretary of the British Legion at Warsop, told the members to ”hold the fort for 20 minutes” while he drove to the home of Alan Hill, a British Legion Member, told him to grab his guitar and go with him to play a few songs for the senior citizens. Alan is not an entertainer, but does know a few songs, and he soon hit his stride with songs that the guests could sing along to. Some even said it was the best night that they had been to since the club started organising the event.