SHIREBROOK: Mother told she couldn’t save her baby

Chaye-Lia Smith
Chaye-Lia Smith

A distraught mother was told she could not have done more to save her four month old daughter - during an inquest in Chesterfield.

Chaye-Lia Smith died suddenly at her home in Cedar Close, Shirebrook.

She was found “blue and floppy” one morning by her mother, Charlotte Shaw.

Chaye-Lia was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to resuscitate her.

During the inquest on Friday the court heard how Chaye-Lia was premature and suffered from many conditions including heart and lung disease.

She also had Polymicrogyria, a rare brain disorder.

But despite her conditions doctors said she was making good progress.

Dr Gail Collins, a pediatrician at Chesterfield said: “She was a happy, contented baby who almost never cried and was settling well in to a routine.”

But last July, almost four months after her birth, Miss Shaw woke to find her daughter “unresponsive” in her crib.

Dr Hunter ruled a verdict of natural causes and said Chaye-Lia had died as a combination of her conditions.

He said to her mother, “She had several serious conditions and her little body couldn’t cope.

“You have done your best with a very sick child. Nobody could expect you to have done more.

“You should not be crying in bed at night thinking you could have done any more.”