SHIREBROOK: Miners Welfare UNISON band perform at charity concert

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On Saturday evening, October 12, Shirebrook Miners Welfare UNISON band performed a concert organised by The Rotary Club Of Bolsover, at the Assembly Rooms in Bolsover.

The band, led by musical director Mark Wilcockson, played a concert of two halves. The first half was basically a traditional brass band concert with the band playing traditional and popular brass band music which included solo items by band members Glenn Birks (cornet) who played ‘A Swedish Hymn’, Nick Stokes (bass trombone) who played ‘King Of The Road’ and Roy Briscoe (flugel horn) who played ‘Lady In Red’. A novelty item was included in the first half with band members Mick Cartlidge, Nick Stokes and a tutu wearing John Hood playing improvised instruments consisting of ‘sheets of sandpaper’ and ‘blocks of wood’ and accompanied by the rest of the band as they performed a number entitled ‘Sandpaper Ballet’ much to the amusement of the large audience.

The second half of the concert was given over to the Last Night At The Proms theme with the band playing favourite items such as ‘Radetszky March’, ‘Fantasia On British Sea Songs’, Rule Britannia’ and with the audience heartily singing along ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Land Of Hope And Glory’.

Proceeds from the concert are to go to charities supported by The Rotary Club of Bolsover.