Shining clouds set to light up Derbyshire’s night sky again

Shining clouds lit up Derbyshire’s night sky in the early hours – giving the impression of a false dawn.

Monday, 7th July 2014, 5:14 pm
Noctilucent Clouds over Peak Rail , Darley Dale, last night. Picture by Nigel Bradbury.

Noctilucent clouds, one of the ghostliest phenomena in the heavens, were spotted at about 1am – and skywatchers may be able to see the spectacle overnight tonight.

The clouds are caused by sunlight shining on ice crystals 50 miles above the earth’s surface.

They are the highest clouds to be seen in the atmosphere and tend to occur in summer.

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The word noctilucent means night shining in Latin.

With clear skies forecast in parts of Derbyshire overnight, there may be a chance to see them again by looking to the north.

If you spot any, please send your pictures to [email protected]