Sheffield climber injures back in seven metre fall from crag

Edale Mountain Rescue team help an injured climber from Sheffield
Edale Mountain Rescue team help an injured climber from Sheffield

A climber from Sheffield suffered back and facial injuries after falling seven metres while leading a route.

The 22-year-old was climbing at Lawrence Field on the Longshaw estate in the Peak District when he fell.

A paramedic, who volunteers as a member of Edale Mountain Rescue Team, was the first to arrive to help the casualty and administered an IV drip for pain relief.

When other team members arrived the injured climber was carried on a stretcher to an ambulance and was transferred to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield.

The accident occurred on Saturday.

Earlier that day Edale Mountain Rescue Team members were called out to help a man who suffered a broken leg on a farm in Wigley, on the outskirts of Chesterfield.

He had been rebuilding a fence when he slipped in the undergrowth on the edge of some woodland.

An Edale Mountain Rescue Team spokesman said: “With the help of the man’s colleagues, we were quickly shown to his location which turned out to be quite a distance through the fields and well away from the road.

“Fortunately we were able to access the cas site with our 4x4 vehicles to transport team members and kit.

“One of our team doctors administered pain relief, whist team members applied a splint to the injured leg.

“Given the man’s pain and discomfort we transported him back to the road manually on our stretcher rather than in the back of a vehicle - the stretcher providing a much smoother and less bumpy ride over the rough ground.

“Once back to the road we were able to transfer him to the waiting ambulance for onward transport to Calow hospital.”