Several people arrested in Chesterfield ahead of Christmas

Chesterfield's Corporation Street at night. Stock picture.
Chesterfield's Corporation Street at night. Stock picture.

Police say they arrested 'several' people in Chesterfield town centre in the run-up to Christmas Day.

The arrests were made on so-called Mad Friday - the night before Christmas Eve.

Officers have not yet confirmed exactly how many people were arrested or details of alleged offences.

The Derbyshire Times has been told there was 'lots' of alcohol-fuelled trouble in the town centre on Friday.

However, the majority of people enjoyed a safe and trouble-free night.

With the festive season still in full swing and New Year's celebrations just around the corner, police are urging people to drink sensibly, have fun and not commit crime.

Alcohol awareness campaigner Gary Topley, of Chesterfield, added: "Again it is the season where we like to eat, drink and be merry.

"A lot of us like to spend time with our families and friends and go out on the town to socialise and party.

"As alcohol is a predominant factor in our celebrations I would urge people to drink sensibly and stay out of trouble.

"Go out and have fun but please do not end up getting in a drunken fight and getting yourself arrested or ending up in hospital – or contribute to putting someone else there.

"Plan ahead, stay with your friends and make your night out in Chesterfield during the festive season one that is safe."