SEEING RED: Will the skies soon be populated by flying Audis travelling at the speed of sound?

The date October 21 2015 is legendary if you're a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy.

Thursday, 15th March 2018, 10:32 am
Updated Thursday, 15th March 2018, 11:35 am

For it was in the second blockbuster of the classic sci-fi series which saw Doc Brown travel into the future to October 2015 and to a time when folk went about their business in flying cars.

Back in 1985 you could have forgiven the Doc or any other mad scientist into believing flying cars and hoverboards would be a fixture of every day life in this hi-tech age we now inhabit.

In fact, the speed at which technology has advanced in the three decades since Michael J. Fox leapt from decade to decade and back again, begs the question why our skies aren’t packed with young boy racers blowing a gasket in their mum’s Vauxhall Corsa.

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But now, just over two years on from October 21 2015, flying cars could finally be about to get off the ground.

That’s because Dutch company Pal-V has unveiled its latest flying car gyrocopter at the Geneva motor show.

They look like a cross between a helicopter and a badly designed Formula One racing car.

But will they take off?

So-called experts have doubts and highlight regulations as the main stumbling block - while the £450,000 costs will price a high percentage of people out of the market, bar Premier League footballers and Russian oligarchs.

But can you imagine the scenes above us if flying cars did become the norm?

Folk struggling to get their heads around air mini-roundabouts; flying Audis travelling at the speed of sound and the social media obsessives checking in on Facebook via their iPhoneX while behind the controls of their gyrocopter.

Hopefully flying cars would also come with indicators, because I’m pretty certain modern-day cars no longer do!

And finally, I guess we wouldn’t have to worry about potholes up in the skies would we?

- I listened with interest to a national radio feature at the weekend which invited people to text in with words they couldn’t pronounce properly.

An interesting subject matter and got me thinking about some I struggle with.

A few words I never have an issue saying, though, are please and thank you, unlike many people do nowadays.

- So Mother’s Day has been and gone and for another year.

I must admit, I always find it a struggle to know what to buy.

However, one purchase I didn’t make was a jewellery set being advertised by one well known retailer for a cool £150.

Even just a few months shy of my 43rd birthday, I think I’d get a serious telling off from my mum if I spent such a ridiculous amount for her birthday let alone Mother’s Day. And rightly so.

Each to their own, as the saying goes.

But as another saying goes, some people really do have more money than sense.

And after all, it’s the thought that counts even if you buy a bunch of flowers from a garage forecourt - and no, I didn’t before you ask!