SEEING RED: Hats off to our 4x4 '˜snow heroes'

Well the Beast from the East finally arrived and boy did it show its teeth in many parts of Britain - including London.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 12:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018, 1:30 pm
Snow brought chaos to much of the area last week.

I highlight London because when something happens within the M25 motorway, don’t we hear about it over and over again.

I had the misfortune of catching five minutes of the Piers Morgan Breakfast Show last week - otherwise known as Good Morning Britain - which saw one of its roving reporters braving the snow in the heart of the capital.

It was hilarious.

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It looked like a covering of dandruff at best - infact I could have produced more of the white stuff from what remains of my barnet!

Embarrassingly, the Piers Morgan Breakfast Show had previously been reporting live from a snow-ravaged Glasgow, where the white stuff was knee-deep and simply not a pathetic dusting a of dandruff.

Elsewhere in the country, thousands of motorists somehow managed to get themselves stranded despite repeated warnings to only get in their vehicles if travel was essential and schools the length and breadth of our so-called great country shut up shop for two days.

Is it me, but I’m sure we had worse snow ‘when I wer lad’ and my school never - or very rarely - closed?

Oh well, at least it managed to get today’s gaming-obsessed youth off their XBoxes and on to their sledges.

Then of course there are snow days.

I took one myself on Thursday and worked from Booker Towers, but was back behind my desk on Friday - unlike many others in my neck of the woods, despite the roads being clear.

In fact, Friday on the roads was a joy to a behold - they were clear of snow and the idiots who are normally the bain of my life behind the wheel.

In fact, many of those tend to drive ‘Chelsea tractors’ but it was the boys and girls who drive those vehicles who came to the fore and became ‘snow heroes’.

For they swapped hogging the middle lanes of our motorways to help those in need - be it taking NHS staff to hospital; the elderly to the doctors or the shops and district nurses to see their patients.

Fair play to each and every one of them.

They rose to the occasion when it mattered and did themselves and their communities proud.

Never again will I curse an Overfinch when it sits in the middle lane of the M1 in cruise control.

Well ok, give it a few weeks and I’ll be venting my spleen at them again but for now I’ve called a truce and will salute our ‘4x4 snow heroes’.

But aside from our ‘snow heroes’, what else emerged from last week’s brush with the Beast?

Well, we just can’t do snow, can we? It’s as simple as that.

Roll on the summer and the hosepipe ban when we go three days without a spot of rain.

Happy days indeed.