SEEING RED: Are we really a nation of animal lovers?

Animal cruelty
Animal cruelty

We are a nation of animal lovers, I keep hearing.

Perhaps we are, but I’m fed up of reading and hearing about animals being treated cruelly.

There is not a week which goes by without the media detailing in graphic detail an animal suffering a devastating attack or living in squalid conditions.

It is beyond me how anyone can treat a defenceless animal so cruelly. What on earth goes through somebody’s mind to behave in such a manner?

It is cowardly to put it mildly.

This week alone, the following cases have been reported:

- RSPCA is appealing for information after man randomly kicks dog waiting for her owner outside shop;

- Starved horse’s suffering was hidden by rug in Staffordshire field;

- Woman who starved dog disqualified from keeping animals for life;

- Happy ending for elderly cat attacked by group of youths in broad daylight;

- Dog rescued after being thrown around by man outside a pub ;

- RSPCA and police investigate after badger is shot.

The six sickening incidents were discovered through a simple search on Twitter in the past seven days.

Yes, one week.

However, how often do we read about a perpetrator behind such crimes going to prison?

Very rarely if the cases I have read about, locally and nationally, are anything to go by.

It appears the punishment for such acts are derisory.

But now, tougher new laws are to be brought in to combat animal abuse with offenders in England now facing up to five years in prison under a tough new crackdown.

And about time too.

The move comes after a series of cases in which courts said they would have liked to impose tougher sentences if they had the option.

These include instances when a man bought a number of puppies just to brutally and systematically beat, choke and stab them to death, according to The Guardian newspaper.


It’s time those who get their kicks out of inflicting pain on poor, defenceless creatures faced the prospect of a stint behind bars for their crimes.

Perhaps then they may think twice before committing such brutality.

Let’s hope so.

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