Second homes council tax rise


HOUSES in Chesterfield that are left empty for more than six months and second homes, will see a reduction in their Council Tax discounts from April 1.

Councillor Jim McManus, Executive Member for Housing at Chesterfield Borough Council said: “The last review of our discount levels was back in 2003 when the housing market was a lot different to what it is today. We now have much greater demand for properties at an affordable price so the reduction in Council Tax discounts is aimed to encourage property owners to bring properties back into use, making more available for local people.

“Bringing properties back into use also helps to reduce nuisance problems that are often associated with empty properties. And, as our last review was in 2003, the new discount rates will bring Chesterfield into line with those of many other local councils.”

Long term empty properties will have a 0% discount on Council Tax (previously 50%) and second homes will have a 10% discount (previously 50%).