School transport vehicles checked

An operation to check the safety of vehicles used to take children to and from Derbyshire schools has helped remove seven that were not roadworthy.

Operation Coachman has been running for the last month with a total of 70 vehicles checked outside schools across the county, including Hope Valley College and the Peak School, Chinley.

Officers from Derbyshire Constabulary, together with staff from Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council and the Vehicle and Operator Services (VOSA) Agency took part in the checks.

Taxis, coaches and buses used to transport children were examined to check they were roadworthy and on the road legally, to ensure passenger safety.

Of the 70 vehicles checked, 12 had defects and seven of those were taken off the road immediately. Faults included seatbelts not working properly, a loose door and rusting. Around 50 per cent fewer defects were found this year compared to last year’s checks, with the defects found being less serious.

Chief Inspector Steve Wilson, head of Roads Policing in Derbyshire, said: “Further checks will be made throughout the year and I would urge all drivers to regularly check that their vehicles are roadworthy.”