School row as Chesterfield pupil '˜repeatedly' sent home due to '˜tight trousers'

An angry dad has hit out at the Chesterfield school who have '˜repeatedly' sent his 14-year-old daughter home for wearing trousers that are '˜too tight'.

Monday, 1st October 2018, 12:57 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 4:34 am
Chloe Lee's trousers have been deemed 'too tight' for school.

Shane Lee says his daughter Chloe’s education is being ‘severely affected’ as staff at Hasland Community School ‘put her in isolation’ or ‘send her home’ due to issues with her trousers.

The dad says he has struggled in vain to find trousers that adhere to school’s ‘strict’ regulations as Chloe is only a size 4 with longer than average legs.

“Chloe’s brain isn’t in her trousers, so I don’t really see how this affects her learning,” said Shane.

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Chloe Lee pictured with her dad, Shane.

“She is in Year 10 now and is really trying to knuckle down before her GCSE’s, but staff constantly phoning threatening her to put her into isolation if I don’t collect her is making it difficult.

“I’ve been in more than 20 shops looking for trousers but none of them meet their standards. The school have dragged out spare trousers for Chloe wear but they’re all too big, so she’d be walking round with her trousers falling down. It’s a nightmare.”

Hasland Community School headteacher Ruth Moore said, “The school has a straightforward uniform policy which is made clear to all parents.

“We are aware of Mr Lee’s concerns and continue to do everything we can to support him and resolve these issues to ensure Chloe can continue her education.

“We’ve repeated our invitation to discuss the matter with Mr Lee in person and hope he takes up our offer.”