RSPCA unable to remove horse left dumped by Derbyshire road

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Concerned animal lovers have contacted the Derbyshire Times after spotting a horse dumped at the side of the road in Temple Normanton.

The animal has been tied to a post close to the junction between Hassocky Lane and Mansfield Road for several days.

But the RSPCA say they don’t have the powers to remove it and a growing number of horses are suffering because of illegal fly grazing across the country.

A spokesperson added: “The RSPCA was called yesterday regarding a horse which is being grazed on the side of the road at Temple Normanton.

“An officer has seen the horse and whilst it appeared healthy, this is another example of fly-grazing, which happens up and down the country.

“An officer will visit the horse again, but the RSPCA has no powers to remove horses left to fly-graze unless they are confirmed as suffering by a vet, which is not the case with this particular horse.

“Horses which could stray onto roads would normally be dealt with by the highways authority.

“The RSPCA along with five other animal welfare charities and several countryside organisations have long been warning of the crisis posed by fly-grazing - the practice of leaving horses on someone else’s land without permission. We are asking for new legislation as well as greater enforcement of existing laws on identification so that owners have to take responsibility for their animals.”