Row over council car continues

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CLAIMS that a council splashed out £27,000 on a civic car for its chairman have been described as “propaganda” by a councillor.

Cllr Eion Watts, Labour councillor for Bolsover has hit back at information publicised by fellow councillor, Duncan Kerr, suggesting council bosses “splashed the cash” on the seven-seater Ford Galaxy.

Green party councillor, Kerr, said: “At a time when the council is pushing rents by nine per cent, closing public toilets and ending Saturday openings of its contact centres it can splash the cash on a new luxury car valued at £27,000 for its Chairman.”

But Cllr Watts has denied the claims, saying the council actually lease the vehicle.

He said: “Let’s not kid ourselves here, all Cllr Kerr is bothered about is scoring political points and furthering his political career with the propaganda he keeps on sending out, something that residents really need to be aware of.

“For the past seven years the council have had a lease agreement for a pool car that is part of their corporate fleet, the car had reached the end of its lease period, was becoming inefficient, mechanically problematic and did not meet their needs. The Council renewed the lease agreement and upgraded to a better, more cost efficient vehicle to be used for a variety of purposes.”

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