Road crash “ice” horror

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POLICE revealed how ice may have been responsible for a series of road crashes within minutes of each other around the same village.

Derbyshire Constabulary told how there were four single vehicle collisions in Glapwell just minutes apart along Mansfield Road and Glapwell Lane.

A police spokesman said: “There was an unusual series of four separate road traffic crashes and there is a suggestion the roads involved may have been icy.”

An uninjured motorist’s Ford Mondeo car overturned and ended up in a field off Mansfield Road, Glapwell, about 6.55am, this morning, Tuesday, January 18.

Another survived uninjured after their Toyota Hiace van overturned on Glapwell Lane, about an hour later around 7.50am.

A third motorist’s Ford Kia also overturned on Mansfield Road, about 8.05am, and they too were uninjured and a fourth vehicle travelling along Mansfield Road, about 8.11am, ended up in a field.

Police were alerted to all the incidents after concerns for the safety of those involved and to help keep the roads safe for other drivers.