Ripley war veteran left housebound for a year after authorities deny him ramp

Roy Pugh Housebound war veteran
Roy Pugh Housebound war veteran

A war veteran from Ripley has been housebound for almost a year after authorities deemed him ineligible for a ramp that would allow him to regain his independence.

Roy Pugh, 80, who was posted around the world with the military has been unable to leave his home unassisted since April after he suffered a heart attach and a stroke.

Since leaving hospital he has been unable to get down the steps at the front and the back of his home.

Members of the Ripley branch of the Royal British Legion offered support to Roy by donating a mobility scooter to him so he could get out of the house and into town unassisted.

However he has no way of using the scooter unless he has an access ramp installed.

Roy has been visited by local authority staff to look at the possibility of having a ramp installed - but he was told he does not quality for one.

Roy said: “I don’t qualify for the ramp as I’m able to walk out of the front and back door, but that really is as far as I can manage. It takes me about an hour to walk half the length of a football pitch and I need to rest every so often due to medical conditions.

“When I asked social services how I was expected to get out of the house to do my shopping I was told to get a taxi. I then asked them what I’d do once I got into town and they said I should just find a seat.

“I can’t even go to my local Co-op, never mind a trip down to Oxford Street.”

Dean Fowler, chairman of the Ripley branch of the Royal British Legion described Roy’s situation as a ‘nightmare’.

He said: “Roy’s a very proud man and despite being able to get around his home he just doesn’t have the strength to get down the steps either side of his house and into town to do the things we take for granted.

“The Royal British Legion was delighted to be able to give him a mobility scooter which would’ve greatly helped him but because he can’t have a ramp installed to get onto the footpath he has no way whatsoever of using it.

“Roy receives help from carers and his family but it’s just not the same as being able to do things for yourself.”

David Arkle housing manager for Amber Valley Borough Council said: “The council received the grant application last week. There will now be a funding assessment by Derbyshire County Council who will then produce a formal recommendation as to what Mr Pugh needs. Once that has been agreed a schedule of works will get underway immediately.”

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