RIPLEY: Greenhillocks fellowship celebrates 40th anniversary

Ripley Greenhillocks Fellowship celebrated its 40th anniversary with an open meeting which drew more than the normal attendance. However, all present at a meeting sponsored by Fizzofit, enjoyed the scones, cakes, jam, cream and strawberries provided by Sheila, Marion and Brenda.

After David Hill had opened the meeting with Vernon Vahta playing the piano to accompany the singing, Doug Fake gave a short history of the fellowship following its founding by two ladies in 1973. He also welcomed special guests in Jem Brown of Derbyshire County Council, Nathan Hutchinson of Amber Valley CVS and Mr and Mrs Tony Wright representing Ripley Wood Street Methodist Church.

The entertainment for the afternoon was provided by Soul and Stone and consisted of country music and singalong songs. Sheila Cotton gave the vote of thanks.