Revealed: Typical Derbyshire person shops in Sainsbury’s, M&S, drives a Nissan and watches University Challenge - do you agree?

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Is your favourite food stuffing? Are you a gardening fanatic? If so then you’re a typical Derbyshire resident according to YouGov’s initiative new profiling tool.

This week the online polling group released its new web app that gives users the ability to profile any group of people based on their lifestyle and interests and receive unique detailed feedback on everything about them, intrigued, we wanted to know more about the people of Derbyshire and here’s what we found.

From our findings it seems the general demographic of people in Derbyshire come across as quite liberal, leaning towards the left when it comes to political opinions.

We enjoy a spot of gardening from time to time, occasionally dabbling in arts and crafts and we’re also keen on taking the odd trip down to the iPro Stadium to watch Derby County on the weekend.

The application also revealed that when it comes to the typical occupations of Derbyshire folk the vast majority us work in the healthcare profession, results also found that there’s plenty of farmers, teachers, lawyers and IT specialists amongst us, which comes as no surprise.

Where does all of our money go? YouGov unsurprisingly has this covered as well, according to their figures Marks & Spencers, Sainsbury’s and B&Q are doing particularly well in burning a hole in our pockets, but how are we getting to all of these shops? Nissan are supposedly the most popular car brand in the region.

And finally, what are we up to when we’re at home? On average we’re all spending up to 10 hours a week on the web and a mammoth 30 hours a week watching television and movies, indulging in East Midlands Today, A Question of Sport and University Challenge most often.

While some of these statistics have been undoubtedly met with scepticism by a few in the office we want to know what you think. 
Are you a Derby County fan, or are the Spireites more your thing? Maybe you hate arts and crafts and would much rather spend your day with a Playstation controller firmly in your hand? Let us know. 
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