Revamp of Chesterfield Market is on the cards - HOW WOULD YOU IMPROVE IT?

Chesterfield Market.
Chesterfield Market.

A revamp of Chesterfield Market is to be investigated.

Chesterfield Borough Council last night agreed to examine a possible redesign of the outdoor market in a bid to attract more traders and shoppers.

Chesterfield Market is one of the biggest in England and dates back to 1165.

A report which was considered by councillors said the market suffers from “poor sightliness and falling footfall”.

The report said: “Because of a lack of prominently placed stalls, new traders find it extremely difficult to establish themselves and, therefore, do not stay.

“The public has the impression that the market is ‘empty’, even though there are at least 70 stalls.

“These issues need to be addressed if the market is to retain its importance to the town and the local community.”

The report added: “The success of the town as a shopping destination depends to a great extent on the market.

“Internet shopping and out-of-town shopping centres are taking greater numbers of customers away from town centres.

“Markets have a key role to play in attracting shoppers and visitors back into the town centre.”

Councillors agreed to spend £15,000 on a consultant to undertake a study investigating a redesign of Chesterfield Market and estimated costs.

Consultations will be held with traders and shoppers and before any decisions are made.

The report warned councillors: “Improvements to the layout and facilities of the market will not guarantee success for the facility.

“But, if no changes take place, the market will not be given the opportunity to develop and compete for both new traders and shoppers.”

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