Retired dog finally finds forever home

Dec the greyhound
Dec the greyhound

A retired greyhound who spent more than 18 months waiting for a new home has finally found his forever family.

Dec is now living with the Gascoyne family in Chesterfield, after he captured their hearts during a visit to the Sheffield Retired Greyhound Trust at Wortley, where he had been living since his retirement from racing.

Shirley Gascoyne fell for eight-year-old black-brindle greyhound Dec after visiting the kennels and, once she found out how long he had been waiting for a home, she instantly decided she wanted that home to be hers.

When she knew Dec got on with her two other beloved greyhounds, Bertrum and Porsha – who were also previously living at the Retired Greyhound Trust before she took them in - Shirley welcomed him to the family home in Ashgate.

But Shirley kept Declan’s arrival secret, having decided to treat herself to him for her birthday present without telling her family and friends.

Shirley, who lives with her son Christopher after he recently moved back to the family home, said: “Every dog deserves to have a home and I couldn’t bear the thought of Dec never getting the chance to settle in a loving family, so I couldn’t resist him.

“I usually buy myself a piece of jewellery for my birthday but wanted to do something different this year, so I got Dec instead! Luckily my family were thrilled.

“Dec is an older dog but he is still full of life and loves running round and playing with his toys. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t overlook older dogs – they still make fantastic pets.

“He’s so well behaved considering he’s never been in this kind of environment before. He’s fitted in with the other dogs so well and they’re like a little comedy trio now.”