Respect party hits Labour stronghold

The Labour stronghold of Bolsover District Council suffered a dent when the Respect party took a formerly rock-solid ward.

Labour's district council chief whip Stephen Fritchley was ousted as Shirebrook North West councillor by Respect's Ray Holmes, while Independent candidates gained three seats elsewhere.

Mr Holmes, of the Respect – People not Profit party, said: "We're delighted with the result. We had a fantastic campaign which connected with voters.

"People made the link between national and local issues and we're going to build on this great result."

In the head-to-head contest for Shirebrook North West, Mr Holmes of the left wing Respect party received 295 votes to Mr Fritchley's 264.

Mr Fritchley, who has been a district councillor for 20 years and is a Shirebook town councillor, said: "I'm disappointed but I was successful under Labour and you take the rough with the smooth.

"I was also disappointed to see Labour seats lost because I feel Labour represents people in this area better than anyone and hope we can win them back."

Independent candidates widened their influence with seven councillors elected for Blackwell, Clowne North, Clowne South, Elmton with Creswell, Shirebrook South West and two in Tibshelf.

But Labour hung onto the lion's share with 27 seats despite losing four, while Independent candidates now boast seven instead of four and Whitwell Residents Association held two seats.


*indicates elected candidate

Barlborough: *Eion Watts (Lab) 737, *Hilary Gilmour (Lab) 556, Bridge Ingle (Barl First) 472, John Shaw (Barl First) 470.

Blackwell: *Sally Gray (Ind) 693, *Alan Tomlinson (Lab) 688, Clive Moseby (Lab) 674.

Bolsover North West: *Keith Bowman (Lab) 412, *Thomas Rodda (Lab) 394, Wayne Byetheway (Lib Dem) 277.

Bolsover South (No contest): *Jennie Bennett (Lab), *Alan Hodkin (Lab).

Bolsover West: *Rosemary Bowler (Lab) 490, *Brian Huddless (Lab) 403, Michael Milnes (Green) 239.

Clowne North: *Brian Hendry (Ind) 456, Terry Connerton (Lab) 397, Sidney Patrick (Lab) 374.

Clowne South (No contest); *Paul Hendry (Ind), *James Smith (Lab).

Elmton with Creswell: *Duncan McGregor (Lab) 1067, *James Clifton (Ind) 914, *Rita Turner (Lab) 876, Paul Colbert (Lab) 836.

Pinxton (No contest): *Mary Dooley (Lab), *Dennis Kelly (Lab).

Pleasley (No contest): *Pauline Bowmer (Lab), *Ann Syrett (Lab).

Scarcliffe: *Sandra Peake (Lab) 719, *Malcolm Crane (Lab) 704, Janine Atkinson (Ind) 523.

Shirebrook East (No contest) *Brian Murray-Carr (Lab).

Shirebrook Langwith (No contest): *Kenneth Walker (Lab).

Shirebrook North West: *Ray Holmes (Respect) 295, Stephen Fritchley (Lab) 264.

Shirebrook South East (No contest): *Hazel Ward (Lab).

Shirebrook South West: *Alan Waring (Ind) 376, Paul Harford (Lab) 375.

South Normanton East: *Terry Cook (Lab) 527, *Joe Phelan (Lab) 521, Eddy Edwards (BNP) 423.

South Normanton West (No contest): *Raymond Brooks (Lab), *Joan Morley (Lab), *Sue Wallis (Lab).

Tibshelf: *Raymond Heffer (Ind) 795, *Deborah Brindley (Ind) 692, Alison Beckett (Lab) 563, Tony Trafford (Lab) 367.

Whitwell: *George Webster (Whit Res Ass) 631, *Vivienne Mills (Whit Res Ass) 468, Sandy Frow (Ind) 429, Tom Munro (Lab) 357, Frank Raspin (Lab) 308.