Residents cry ‘foul play’ at dog mess

Furious residents are crying ‘foul play’ at mucky dog owners who don’t pick up after their pooches.

Sunday, 6th April 2014, 4:51 pm
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Matlock is capital for dog mess according to figured released by Derbyshire Dales District Council.

The authority received almost 300 complaints about dog fouling over the last six years .

Figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request have revealed of the 295 complaints made to the authority since 2008 about the issue, Matlock was the hot spot for dog muck, with the majority of complaints – 91.

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The next worst spot was Wirksworth, with 72 complaints made.

Thirteen complaints were made in Bakewell, 11 in Darley Dale and eight in Matlock Bath.

Commenting on Facebook, residents have named Lime Grove Walk, Jackson Road and Smedley Street as being problem areas in Matlock.

Sarah Walker said: “Smedley Street is always terrible, and there is always loads round by All Saints Infants.

“My three year old chirrups ‘Mind the dog poo!’ throughout the school run, she’s heard me say it so much!”

Andrea Clough commented: “It’s disgusting, especially when people leave dog poo near children’s play area the zip wire above leisure centre the maddening thing is there is a bin right there.”

A spokesman for the district council said: “Allowing a dog to foul on open spaces and failing to clear it up is irresponsible, highly unpleasant and also potentially dangerous because germs from dog faeces can, in extreme cases, cause blindness.

“Our advice if your dog fouls in a public place is to pick up the dog waste using a suitable plastic bag. Seal the bag and then dispose of it in a dog waste bin, litter bin or in the bin provided for your domestic refuse.

“On the policing of dog fouling, limited resources mean we have to rely largely on reports from members of the public and have created an easy online reporting form at Alternatively, call our environment hotline on 01629 761 215.”