Residents claim north east Derbyshire village has been '˜forgotten' by council

Residents in a north east Derbyshire village say they believe the local authorities have forgotten they exist.

Wednesday, 13th December 2017, 4:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th December 2017, 5:45 pm
Residents of Troway are angry that the roads in their villiage have not been gritted sufficiently, picture includes Eric Maskety, Archie Hull, Tina Hull, John Plant, Coun Andy Dye, Gloria Havenhand and Alan York

Troway is a collection of 28 houses and three businesses situated a few miles west of Marsh Lane near Eckington.

However, despite the substantial amount villagers contribute to council coffers - they claim they get precious little in return.

Resident, Tina Hull, said the problem is frustrating at the best of times, but has been further highlighted this week due to the wintry weather.

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An ungritted road in Troway.

She said: “We can’t stand up on our road.

“The gritters haven’t been and the grit bins are all frozen solid or empty.

“We have two major hills here - one of which is one in three.

“There are lots of elderly people here - all over the age of 70.

An empty grit bin in Troway.

“We really are Derbyshire’s forgotten village.”

Tina, 52, who lives at Birch Farm on Main Road with her elderly father, says the problem does not stop with the local authorities.

“The delivery companies struggle to find us as well,” she says.

“Online maps put our address down as Main Street, Marsh Lane so that’s where they go.

An ungritted road in Troway.

“Not only do we not get parcels - the carers that the elderly need can’t find us either.

“We are losing our identity as a village.”

Tina says the situation is all the more galling when they think how much they give to the local authority in taxes every year.

“There are 28 houses all paying £3,000 a year and the businesses that pay £21,000,” she said.

An empty grit bin in Troway.

“I was speaking to one of the councillors and he said our village pays more in council tax than any other in the area.

“If that is the case we want some services.

“I think the council use these online maps as well and once they’ve done Marsh Lane they think they have done the lot.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said they were ‘sorry to hear that Tina feels this way’.

“Both roads into Troway were gritted on Monday morning,” said the spokesperson.

“We can’t grit every road in the county, but do try and respond to residents when they ask us to grit roads that are not on a gritting route.

“If residents notice that grit bins are empty we’d be grateful if they could report this to us and we will re-fill them as soon as possible.”

To report an empty grit bin, visit