RESCUE ME: Shy Scott needs a new home

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This is Scott – in a box. Quite why he decided that the box was the best place to sit is anyone’s guess, but who could argue with that irresistibly cute face?

But cute faces can hide tragic pasts.

Scott is barely out of kittenhood at just one year-old, but has had to put up with more than most cats will experience in a lifetime.

He came into the care of RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire from a home which was what nightmares were made of. And this is precisely why the branch is keen to find him a home he deserves.

Gary Taylor, animal care manager at the Spital Lane branch, said: “In his time with us he has made tremendous progress – he’s now much more confident. But, as he has had limited interaction with people for much of his life, he’s not entirely sure on how to properly act towards them. 
“You can tell that, when he approaches people, the little gears are whirring away in his head trying to work out the best course of action.

“He’s now reached the stage where he will happily trot up to your hand and have a mildly curious sniff, but just doesn’t quite trust himself to take that little, final, step of saying a proper ‘hello!’

“As such, he will need an owner who is experienced with cats, has a quiet home, and has the time and patience to help him to take that last step and become the personable and delightful cat that he is on the very cusp of becoming.

“He’s a special case is Scott and he will need an equally special owner to help him and love him.”

Scott would be best rehomed with older children only, but he adores other cats so could live with existing felines.

To contact the branch on Spital Lane call 01246 273358.