RESCUE ME: Here’s Wally! Could you give him a home?

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Beautiful Wally is one-year-old cross breed, but is lacking a little something – a fourth leg.

Despite the physical disability Wally certainly isn’t lacking in anything, especially energy.

He is full of life, loves everything and everyone and is a bit of a... Wally!

Playful yet gentle, Wally is in need of an extraordinary home.

Gary Taylor, animal care manager at RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch said: “For a human to lose a limb is a monumental event in life, one which they might never get over.

“Animals seems to take a more matter-of-fact approach to such a loss. After his operation, being the humans we are, we made the mistake of watching Wally like concerned parents – picking him up after each misstep and inadvertent stumble and checking for signs of imbalance. All of which served no purpose other than to utterly confuse him.

“Wally might have lost a limb but, as far as he was concerned, he had gained so much more. His spirit had been freed, released from a prison of pain and discomfort. Here was a new dawn and he certainly wasn’t going to waste it!”

To contact the branch on Spital Lane call 01246 273358.