RESCUE ME: Can you give a home to either of these little beauts?

Wintry Blues and Snow Angels...

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 11:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 11:50 am
Rescue dog Star

Winter has truly come in earnest - albeit in delayed fashion - and everyone and everything is feeling its full force.

Our centre and its residents are no exception. Most are cowed by the cold, understandably keen on staying inside by the heaters and burying themselves in their respective beds. You’ll see rabbit noses poking out from layered straw and dogs hidden neath jumper and coat and blanket. Inside. Snug. Far from the icy bitterness beyond.

There are always those who are different, however.

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For some, the snow brings with it an unmatched opportunity for fun. A great, swirling delight to throw oneself into. The dogs who feint and bounce, race and roll, dig and play and wrestle amidst the developing drifts.

Our two new Huskies, Star and Kodi, absolutely love it. Bred for millennia to thrive in such conditions, they are utterly unfazed by the Siberian snows that we are currently enveloped by. We wonder if they feel a strange sense of belonging, a homecoming that spans generations. Whatever the reason, they are having a great time of it.

Three-year-old Star and six-year-old Kodi are amazing characters, wonderful dogs and an awe-inspiring sight no matter the weather. But they were made for the snow and it’s great to see them frolicking in and amongst it.

They went up for adoption on Saturday, March 3. For more information please give the centre a call on 01246 273358.