‘Reinvest taxes in country’s roads’

Every year the Government raises almost £25bn in fuel tax and another £13.7bn in VAT from road users.

How that money should be spent has always been a thorny issue.

About 80p from every litre of fuel sold in the UK is tax, assuming a pump price of £1.30. Of the balance, 45p goes to the oil company and 5p goes to the garage.

Despite being raised from motorists, the Government does not plough the money back into roads and transport.

However, a survey by Autonational Rescue found that 66 per cent of UK adults wanted to see motoring taxes reinvested in maintaining and repairing the country’s roads. A quarter of people wanted the taxes used to reduce other taxation.

Only nine per cent of the people surveyed by YouGov for Autonational Rescue said they thought the money should be used for other purposes or had no opinion.