Redundancy leads to a creative career

NDET 23-5-12 MC 3'Sharon Bull, Chesterfield poet.
NDET 23-5-12 MC 3'Sharon Bull, Chesterfield poet.

WHEN Sharon Bull, of Chesterfield, lost her job in sales almost two years ago, she sank into deep depression.
But 18 months on her life has been transformed after she began writing poetry as a way to express her feelings.
Her work has been a major hit and she has been receiving commissions from businesses and charities.

Here is one of Sharon’s poems:


I’m Derbyshire born

I’m Derbyshire bred,

My granddad a pitman

Wore a cap on his head,

A fag in his hand

He would stoke the coal fire,

His cough a reminder

Of why he had to retire

From his shifts at the coal face,

Those long lonely nights,

Then his trip to the local

For his bitter and bites

Of pork scratching in bags,

He would lean at the bar

With all of his pit mates

Until last orders then, “ tat-ar

Mi duck be seein thee,

Ah’ll bobby off nah for me brew,

Me old lass will ave mashed en

Thrown me dumplings in te stew”

My Gran wore her pinny

From morning until bed,

For cooking and for cleaning,

For baking all our bread,

Tripe and onion simmering

She would head for the shops,

Catch the no 30 bus

To pick up Grandad’s chops

With some sausages,

From inside the market hall

Head back to the bus stop

Calling at the fresh veg stall,

Granny’s sitting in her seat

On the no 30 bus,

Best friend Hilda catches sight

And starts to make a fuss,

“Ey up mi duck, utch thee sen up

Av bin an tret mesen in tahn,

It’s gerrin a bit black ower Bill’s Motha’s

It’s gonna bi hollin it dahn”

Copy Right: Pisces Lady