READERS’ LETTERS: What should be Chesterfield’s showpiece sports ground is a disgrace

Suddenly it seems that Chesterfield Athletic Club is aware of the state of the track and the changing facilities at the Queen’s Park Annexe sports ground.

We as residents of this area have watched its deterioration over the years, and have questioned councillors and mayors about the problem on numerous occasions, without anything like a satisfactory response from them.

It was due to council neglect and disinterest in the first place that QPA began to fall into disrepair.

As soon as the live-on-site groundsmen left, and the house was subsequently sold, the rot set in and the clubs moved away.

Since then it has been badly abused. The track is always used as a parking lot on county cricket days, and weekend football spectators have added further damage to the site.

Now, after heavy rain it always floods and looks more like a river than a running track.

I remember when our children were members of the club – back then the facilities were so well looked after that even people with the wrong type of footwear were not allowed on the track.

Now youngsters force through holes in the fencing to play football on there, and have continuously damaged the grass around the nets, making muddy areas which cause issues for the weekend’s play.

Council workers have often been seen on site, and have never prevented this from happening.

We know of one resident who called the police because she could see the changing rooms being vandalised, but they didn’t arrive until the following day, when the damage was already done.

Now in this Olympic year, has our council finally woken up and realised it is time to make the kind of changes it should have made in the 1980s? I sincerely hope so.


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