READER’S LETTER: Will The Royal Family lead by example on Bedroom Tax?

Natascha Engel (Derbyshire Times 20.12.12) rightly raises concerns about the proposed “bedroom tax” whereby people living in council properties with spare bedrooms will be forcibly moved elsewhere.

If this insidious idea comes in to being I have a suggestion. The occupied royal palaces are held in trust by the current occupiers and their upkeep is paid for by the state.

In effect they are little more than large council properties. Since Buckingham Palace has 240 bedrooms and “Dave” Cameron is forever telling us “we are all in it together”, surely an example should be set to us all by making it that the first people to be moved into alternative, smaller accommodation are the Queen and Prince Philip. Or will the rules only apply to “ordinary” people?

Dave Sainty

Old Road, Chesterfield