Re-appeal for lost trophy

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A well-known club which is celebrating its centenary has launched an appeal for help to find a prized trophy which went missing more than 50 years ago.

The North Derbyshire Motor Club is calling for the return of its Brooks Trophy which was donated to the group in 1931 but disappeared in 1958.

Alan Chapman, of the Chesterfield-based club, said: “This was one of – if not the – most spectacular of all the group’s trophies.

“We’d absolutely love to have it back.”

The trophy was donated to the group by Chesterfield motorcycle dealer Maurice Brooks who owned two shops in the town.

It was awarded annually for almost 30 years before being declared missing.

The 1958 winner claimed a club official had collected the cup – but no one admitted to this.

Mr Chapman, who joined the group in 1978, said: “We’re in the centenery year of the North Derbyshire Motor Club and a number of older members feel that now would be an appropriate time for our spectacular Brooks Trophy to be returned.”

The popular group, which was founded in 1912, is one of the oldest active motor clubs in the country – possibly the world. To find out more information about the North Derbyshire Motor Club, visit you know the whereabouts of the Brooks Trophy, email