Rail prices are not fair: Gobsmacked at travel cost

TRAVELLING from Belper to Matlock on the train following the New Year break, I was gobsmacked to be asked to stump up £4.10 for the 20-minute, 10-mile journey.

Upon taking my seat on the train, I noticed some flyers asking passengers to lobby the authorities to reduce fares, rather than continue to put them out of range of cash-strapped members of the public.

It’s OK if you’re an MP or a councillor, able to claim back all your travel from the public purse, but what about us normal folk just trying to keep our heads above water?

My biggest grip abour the fares structure on trains is the disproportionate cost of a single ticket in comarison to a return ticket.

There is often just a few pence difference when it comes to rail fares between the price of a single one-way ticket, and that of a return.

However, on the buses, you tend to pay a fair price for both journeys, and so a return costs double the price of a single. Why is this?

Geoff Evans