Pub assault man could go to prison

From the courts
From the courts

A MAN who “glassed” a former friend in a Chesterfield town centre pub could be locked up for Christmas.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how victim Gavin Bowater had known James Greenwood for four years before they fell out a year ago.

Mr Bowater believed he had been hassled by Greenwood knocking on his window at night, town magistrates heard.

Mr Bowater made his way to a smoking area at the back of Spa Lane Vaults pub, according to the court, after 11pm, on September 1, and was confronted by Greenwood, who wanted to fight.

He told Greenwood he did not want trouble but the court heard how Greenwood tried to push him outside and then shoved a pint glass in his face.

Sarah Haslam, prosecuting, said: “The complainant said the glass shattered in his face. He was then punched in the face and he hit the defendant in self-defence.”

Greenwood was arrested and claimed Mr Bowater had been staring at him in the pub and wanted to fight. Mrs Haslam added: “He said he tried to leave and Mr Bowater stood in his path and swung for him and to protect himself he raised the glass.

“The complainant says the defendant swung towards him with the glass in his hand. Fortunately, he received minor injuries.”

Greenwood, 26, of Willow Garth Road, Newbold, admitted assault. Deputy District Judge Andrew Davison committed him to Derby Crown Court for sentencing on December 14 and said custody is an option.

Greenwood told the court: “I didn’t mean for that to happen.”