Protesters march for the NHS in Chesterfield

Crowds of angry protesters rallied in Chesterfield town centre earlier this week in a fight against government cuts to the NHS.

Scores of people gathered at New Square in the town on Tuesday to show support for the group of mums that are marching 300 miles across the country to fight against proposed cuts to the NHS.

The group marched from Sheffield to Chesterfield on Tuesday and gathered in the town centre in the evening to make their voices heard.

Speaking at the rally, Anne Western, Labour leader of Derbyshire County Council, said:“We all can tell a story about how the NHS has helped us, our family and our friends.

“Free at the point of use to help us give birth to our children, care for us when we are desperately in need and prevent some of the very worst diseases.”

Tracy Wilkinson, a member of the Derbyshire-based choir which sang at the rally said the choir was fighting to save the NHS for future generations.

The pop-up choir, which consists of singers from the county, performed a song written specifically for the march.

Composer Tracy added: “The NHS is as we know, under threat from lack of funds and increasing attempts to privatise it in a piecemeal and underhand way.

“We want it to stay that way, the NHS belongs to you and I, and the marchers and the choir are fighting to save the NHS for future generations.”

Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, also spoke at the march. He said the amount of people that turned out showed the strength of feeling for the NHS. He added: “As a march it was a huge success , it was supported in it’s hundreds.”

An NHS spokesman said its budget had been increased by £12.7bn and it was committed to providing a free service.

The march is expected to reach London on September 6.