Protest concerns balloon


CAMPAIGNERS against a proposed wind farm near four north Derbyshire villages have been urging people to continue backing their campaign after council planning officers carried out a site visit.

Banks Developments has submitted a planning application to Bolsover District Council to build three, 125 metre-high, wind turbines and an 80 metre-high anemometer mast on fields near the junction of Glapwell Lane and Losk Lane, at Palterton.

But campaigners argued the development will create a noisy eyesore and is too close to houses as developers launched an advertising balloon yesterday over the proposed site near Main Street, Palterton.

Protester Alison Rodger, of Palterton, said: “I hope people viewed this balloon and got an idea of just how much these turbines will dominate the skyline.

“I would also recommend, if people have not already done so, voicing any objections to the council.

“If approved these turbines will blight the landscape for the next 25 years and this could be the last chance to make your voice heard.”

The council alerted Palterton, Scarcliffe, Hillstown, Stony Houghton and Glapwell with public notices about the proposal and its planning committee agreed to the site visit before making any final decision.

Barlborough-based Banks Developments has argued that any noise from turbines can be controlled and that the project will produce enough zero-carbon energy to power more than 4,000 homes which is the equivalent to 14per cent of homes in the Bolsover district.

It stated that the site was chosen due to the suitability of the landscape and subsequent wind strength and it claims nearby communities will benefit from the environmentally friendly scheme. Banks Developments feels there is a growing recognition of a need for wind farms.

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