‘Privacy must be protected’ - acting head

NDET 26-11-12 RKH 3 Newbold Community school.
NDET 26-11-12 RKH 3 Newbold Community school.

The acting headteacher of a school in crisis has moved to reassure parents that things are “back to normal.”

But Martin Ebbage, who has taken on the top role at Newbold Community School, said “there would not be any more information given out” about why three teachers had been suspended.

Speaking to the Derbyshire Times, Mr Ebbage also said excluding pupils for making ‘malicious comments’ was the right thing to do.

He added: “The suspensions are a neutral act and the public has no right to have any knowledge of that. The privacy of those people needs to be preserved.”

“There is a lack of understanding that the information can’t and will not be revealed for the protection of those involved,” he said.

Headteacher Jackie Overton and two other members of staff have been banned from the classroom while an investigation is carried out.

Pupils were also excluded for talking about the suspensions on Facebook but Mr Ebbage said those youngsters are now back in class.

He added: “It happened before I started but I asked the questions why and for what reasons. It was for making malicious comments on social networking sites about other members of staff .

“Any school would have done the same.”

Mr Ebbage admitted the school’s situation was “unique” but said he did not get the impression parents were overly concerned.

“No parents have asked to come and see me,” he said.

He added: “The message is very simple; the school is a happy, hard working one and any parents who have any concerns should contact me directly.”