‘Prison-like’ fence comes under fire

Residents are unhappy at the fence built near thier homes.
Residents are unhappy at the fence built near thier homes.

Residents have hit out at a “prison-style” fence built near their homes.

The barricade measures 1.8 metres tall and was put up by Chesterfield College last week at its playing fields on Langer Lane in Wingerworth in a bid to crackdown on dog fouling.

Christine Zdanowicz said the fence – which has metal spikes on top – is just two inches away from her wall.

She added: “I’m very angry about it.

“It looks like the type of fence you’d get around a prison.

“We shouldn’t have to put up with this.”

Anne Minter, who also lives on Langer Lane, added: “This fence is really spoiling our views.

“It could be very dangerous as well – if I’m cutting my trees and fall on to the metal spikes I dread to think what could happen.”

A spokesman for Chesterfield College said: “Unfortunately we’ve been experiencing a serious dog fouling issue on our sports pitches at Langer Lane and after close consultation with Chesterfield Borough Council we’ve decided to take these fencing measures to stop any future instances.

“Our first and most important priority is our duty of care to each and every student.

“As dog fouling poses a significant threat to a student’s health and safety when playing on our pitches, we felt we had to take action.”