Primary pupils taste test Easter eggs

A group of discerning primary pupils have put their taste buds to the test to give their verdict on the best Easter eggs on the market.

The team of ten sweet-toothed testers from Calow Primary school sampled a range of chocolate treats from shops across Chesterfield, judging each egg on its taste and appearance.

Calow Primary School  Easter egg taste testing.

Calow Primary School Easter egg taste testing.

Of the six tasted, all but one were polished off without a crumb remaining. But which came out as the children’s favourite?

Peppa Pig egg, by Kinnerton

£1 at Poundworld, Vicar Lane

Taste 7/10

Packaging/appearance 3/10

The panel loved the taste of the chocolate, but weren’t attracted by the Peppa Pig character.

The egg was further let down by the lack of protective packaging, which meant the egg was completely broken out of the box.

Rosie Martin, said: “It would be good it it was for a younger sister or brother but we are a bit old for Peppa Pig.

India Smith, added: “The egg was nice but it would be good if it was packaged better.”

Minnie Mouse egg, by Bonbon Buddies

£1 at Poundworld, Vicar Lane

Taste 7/10

Packaging/appearance 2/10

Although the group enjoyed the chocolate and the jelly beans that came with it, they were very disappointed to see the egg was much smaller than anticipated when they got inside.

Jasmine Baxter, said: “In the packaging the egg looks like it would be much bigger. It’s tiny.”

Jacob Pollard, said: “It would be good to give to a girl or someone who likes Minnie Mouse but not for me.”

Percy Pig egg

£6 at Marks&Spencer, High Street

Taste 2/10

Packaging/appearance 7.5/10

When it came to looks, this hardy pig-shaped ‘egg’ was a hit with the panel.

They appreciated the clear panel showing the size of the egg, as well as the detailed allergy information on the back.

Joshua Barnes said “The packaging brought my attention to it and it is something I would look at in a shop.”

But the egg – white chocolate with strawberry flavour – was let down on taste. Eleanor Foster, said: “I think making the pig pink is a good idea, but it didn’t taste very nice.”

Billy Burton, added: “I think it was confusing, because the package said white chocolate but then it tasted of strawberry.”

Thornton’s cupcake egg

£3.99 at Thornton’s, Low Pavement

Taste 8.5/10

Packaging/appearance 7/10

Polished off in a second, the first of the Thornton’s eggs went down a storm with the taste testers, who praised its clear packaging.

They said the chocolate was “delectable” and “gorgeous”.

Eleanor Foster, said: “The information on the back of the pack about sugar is really clear. It is definitely good packaging.”

Billy Burton added: “I like the different flavours on the egg. There is milk dark and white chocolate.”

WINNER Cadbury Mini Eggs egg

£2 at Morrisons Local, Vicar Lane

Taste 10/10

Packaging 9/10

The runaway winner from the panel’s taste test was chocoholics favourite, Cadbury and their Mini Eggs egg.

The only egg not to come in a standard rectangular box, it was praised for its bright packaging, patterned egg and the extra mini eggs thrown in.

Daniel Twigg, said: “I like the packaging because its bright, there’s a little window where you can see the egg and it says on the box there’s a little bag of eggs with it.”

Amelia Allan, added: “The writing on the packing is quite small but you can still read it. I like the taste of the chocolate and I love the taste of the mini eggs.”

Thornton’s football egg

£3.99 at Thornton’s, Low Pavement

Taste 8.5/10

Packaging 8/10

Another offering by Derbyshire-based chocolatiers, Thornton’s, the football egg was another hit with the panel.

They found the mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate a tasty combination and liked the blues and greens on the packaging.

Matthew Cahill, said: “It’s very nice packaging and it shows you how big the egg is and it’s really bright and colourful.”

India Smith, added: “It tastes really, really nice. I love Thornton’s. It is really creamy.”