Prepare yourself for winter evenings

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Be prepared for the end of British Summer Time – that’s Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership’s message to road users ahead of the clock change on Sunday.

Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth said: “It often takes road users by surprise when the clocks go back. People suddenly find themselves doing their evening commute in the dark and it can cause problems.

“We’re urging people to take extra care while they’re getting used to the darker evenings.”

Road users should follow the partnership’s top tips to stay safe in the evenings following the clock change:

l Wear reflective clothing or accessories when walking or cycling

l Avoid distractions when crossing the road – don’t try to listen to music players or use your mobile phone

l Check that your lights are clean and in good working order when driving or riding

l Look twice for bikes and pedestrians when driving – they are easier to miss than cars

l Walkers use a pedestrian crossing if possible .