Praise for Bonsall

Bonsall CE (VA) Primary School has been judged as a good school with outstanding features and as an outstanding church school in their two recent inspections. #

In a report that was full of praise for the work of the school OFSTED commended the school on its outcomes for all pupils, the standard attained by all pupils and the behavior of the pupils and care that they show to each other.

SIAS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools) found the school to be outstanding in every area: It found that the uniqueness of individual pupil as at the centre of everything the school does and that the pupils are “well-rounded caring young people who show respect for each other”.

Head teacher Lesley Murhall said “Of course I am proud of our schools achievements. OFSTED have recognised that our good teaching and exciting curriculum ensure that all of our pupils achieve their full potential.

The judgement made by both inspections reflect the commitment to the school by pupils, staff, Governors, parents and the community.