POLL: Will Chesterfield benefit from HS2?

Will HS2 benefit Chesterfield?
Will HS2 benefit Chesterfield?

The government has announced plans for a new high speed rail network with faster journies from the north into London, including stations in Sheffield and Toton - but will Chesterfield benefit from HS2?

Vote yes or no in the panel on the right, and see the Derbyshire Times this week for the results.

Early maps produced by the government suggest the new tracks will run very close to Killamarsh and Renishaw.

Facebook users have already been having their say on the matter.

Marc Farrow said: “The economic benefits of HS2 outweigh most of the negatives” and Jenni Griffiths said: “It will be a way forward, and I am all for it. We can not live in the dark ages forever.”

Not everyone agrees it will be positive though.

Christopher Thoel said: “It’s a waste of money! Why not invest the money in already existing railways?”

Owen James added: “The advert for HS2 will say, ‘Come to Chesterfield on the HS2 - all you need to do is get off at Toton, get a bus to Derby, then catch the old line from Derby to Chesterfield OR stay on HS2, get off at Meadowhall, catch the tram to Ponds Forge, walk through the bus interchange, catch the old railway line back to Chesterfield - so simple with a couple of suitcases’. Give me strength.”