Lee Rowley becomes first Derbyshire MP in 100 years to propose loyal address to the Queen's Speech

A Derbyshire MP made history when he proposed the loyal address to the Queen's Speech as he ushered in the new session of Parliament.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 10:59 am
Lee Rowley MP in the House of Commons.

The event, by Lee Rowley, Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire, marked more than 100 years since the House of Commons last saw a Derbyshire Member of Parliament propose the loyal address (John Gretton, MP for Derbyshire South, in 1903).

The loyal address is the first speech in the House of Commons in a new Parliamentary session, following the Queen’s Speech which the Queen delivered last week in Parliament.

The loyal address is traditionally moved by a backbencher at the start of each Parliamentary session and is used to pay tribute to the speaker’s constituency and to discuss the coming new Parliamentary session.

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“They speak plainly and honestly in my 41 towns, villages and hamlets,” said Lee. “They are good, honest, industrious men and women who are the quiet backbone of our great country.

“In Dronfield and Killamarsh, they seek only to get up every morning, get a fair crack of the whip and be able to get on.

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“In Eckington and Clay Cross, they seek betterment in life for their families and their children, recognising that communities are built from the ground up, not imposed from the top down, and understanding that Governments should do some things well, not lots of things badly.

“The values of those sons and daughters of North Derbyshire are the same values as other proud, working-class, northern and midlands towns all across the country, and they’re the values which propelled me here today: hard work, aspiration, a hand up, not a hand out, freedom, liberty and society.”

The speech touched on many of the important points of the Queen’s speech, with time paid to the importance of domestic policies regarding technological innovation in healthcare, a strong national police force and reliable access to new, high-performance broadband.

Lee said: "On Monday it was an honour, on behalf of North East Derbyshire, to propose the loyal address to the Queen’s Speech.

“It’s a huge privilege to do this job and it’s great to be able use occasions like this to highlight North East Derbyshire more.”