Derbyshire MP Lee Rowley resigns as Government minister – and urges Boris Johnson to step down

Lee Rowley – one of Derbyshire’s Tory MPs – has stood down from his ministerial role and called on Boris Johnson to resign.

Wednesday, 6th July 2022, 9:03 pm

Lee Rowley, MP for North East Derbyshire, has announced that he will be joining the growing number of ministers who have left their Government posts – resigning as Minister for Industry this morning.

These departures came after it was revealed that Boris Johnson had appointed Chris Pincher MP as deputy chief whip – despite being aware of allegations surrounding his inappropriate behaviour.

Rowley, who was elected in 2017, co-signed a letter along with four other Tory MPs, which said: “It is with great regret that we are resigning as members of the Government. It has been an honour to serve in your administration and we remain extremely grateful for the opportunity you have given us to serve our country.

Lee Rowley – one of Derbyshire’s Tory MPs – has stood down from his ministerial role and called on Boris Johnson to resign.

“You have had the most difficult task in a generation. We hugely admire your fortitude, stamina and enduring optimism. You can be rightly proud of the significant decisions which you have, by common acclamation, got right.

“However, it has become increasingly clear that the Government cannot function given the issues that have come to light and the way in which they have been handled. In good faith, we must ask that, for the good of the Party and the country, you step aside.”

Nigel Mills, Conservative MP for Amber Valley, said: “I called on Boris to go in April and haven’t changed my mind. His position is now impossible and I expect he will be gone within hours.”

The Derbyshire Times has also contacted Conservative MPs Sarah Dines and Maggie Throup. They have yet to respond.

Mark Fletcher, Conservative MP for Bolsover, has declined to comment.