Derbyshire MP laughed at by Question Time audience while addressing Downing Street Christmas party

The Vaccines Minister, also a Derbyshire MP, was laughed at by audience members as she attempted to address rumours of a Christmas party at Downing Street last year during Covid restrictions.

Friday, 3rd December 2021, 4:07 pm
Ms Throup’s efforts to explain the rumoured Downing Street Christmas party were not well received on Question Time.

Maggie Throup, MP for Erewash, appeared on Question Time yesterday. She was asked about the party by an audience member, who told her she was unable to visit her elderly parents in London for Christmas due to Covid restrictions.

Ms Throup responded by saying she respected that people have put up with a lot during the pandemic, and that no one could have predicted what happened.

On the party, she said: “The Prime Minister said quite clear on Wednesday that all guidance was followed.”

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There were laughs from the audience, as Fiona Bruce said this was not the question the PM was asked.

Ms Throup said she was not there, after which Bruce asked the audience to raise their hands if they wanted to know whether there had been a party - almost everyone did.

She said: “I am not aware of the Christmas party, we’ve got to remember that number 10 is a workplace, and I have been reassured that all guidance was carefully followed, as it continually is.”

Bruce asked the audience if this answered their question, to which most responded no - Ms Throup then said: “Whatever the event was, the guidance was followed.”

Bruce then asked if there had been an event, and Ms Throup said: “This has been just rumour and hearsay, it’s quite clear that all guidance was followed at number 10, whether it’s business meetings or whatever.”

The Derbyshire Times has approached Ms Throup for a comment.