Council urged to modify 'ridiculous' Chesterfield road junction

Calls have been made to modify a 'ridiculous' road junction in Chesterfield.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 3:14 pm
The juction results in more traffic in the area, it has been claimed.

Currently, only buses and taxis are allowed to turn right from Brimington Road and on to the A619 towards Brimington under traffic light control.

All other traffic has to turn left and return via Sainsbury's roundabout - a distance of approximately 800 metres - in order to continue to Brimington and beyond.

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The juction results in more traffic in the area, it has been claimed.

Resident Ian Scott wants Derbyshire County Council to change the junction - but the authority insists it is necessary.

Mr Scott told the Derbyshire Times: "This ridiculous junction design has annoyed me for many years.

"I suspect that it was installed as a 'cheap fix' solution at the time but with increased traffic, fuel costs and air pollution and climate change awareness it is surely time for the county council to address this situation.

"I would like to request that urgent action is taken by the county council to alter this junction - ie with a roundabout - to allow all traffic emerging from Brimington Road and heading towards Brimington to turn right at the junction with the A619."

Mr Scott added: "The main road traffic in Chesterfield is chaotic and being made worse by large house building projects and new supermarkets.

"I feel that Chesterfield has never had proper investment in its main road infrastructure which is pretty much unchanged since the Romans left."

A county council spokesperson said: "The left turn only junction for traffic other than taxis and buses was installed to deter traffic from Chesterfield town centre from using Brimington Road as a cut through to Brimington.

"If all traffic was allowed to turn right on to the A619 we'd be concerned that the amount of rat-running would increase.

"We are investing in improving the road network in the Chesterfield area including upgrading the traffic light system as part of the A61 Growth Corridor project.

"This will improve co-ordination of lights across the network - helping to cut congestion - and includes installing traffic lights at the Sheepbridge Lane junction with Broombank Road and on the adjacent A61 slip roads.

"We're also improving walking and cycling routes in the area.

"A £79million bid for funding has just been submitted to Government to build a relief road between Chesterfield and Staveley to ease congestion through Brimington and Staveley.

"And we're looking at the potential for other large schemes around the town such as providing underpasses or flyovers along the A61 in the future."