Police to tackle Anti-social behaviour in Chesterfield parks

News from the police.
News from the police.

Police in Chesterfield are teaming up with local council staff in a bid to clamp down on anti-social behavior (ASB) in two public open spaces.

PC’s Rebecca Jones and David Wilson from the Holmebrook and Rother Safer Neighbourhood Team are working alongside Chesterfield Borough Council to tackle the issue in Queen’s Park and Eastwood Park.

They are joining forces on Wednesday, July 15 to undergo a joint, high-visibility patrol in the area.

PC Wilson explained: “We hope to reinforce the message that local parks are Designated Public Places and that drinking alcohol along with ASB and the use of vehicles in an anti-social manner has a detrimental effect on the reputation of the parks and it will not be tolerated.

“We will be stepping up patrols and using Designated Public Places Orders and powers under section 59 of the Police Reform Act to seize alcohol and vehicles if necessary.

“I would urge local residents and park users who have concerns about ASB in the area to get in touch with officers. It is important for them to remain vigilant and report any acts of ASB, criminal damage and suspicious behavior to police so that we are able to work alongside the community to tackle the issues that matter the most to local people.”

The joint initiative follows a partnership launch of the Park Guardian Scheme earlier this year which encourages local people to report any issues that they may see in the parks such as criminal damage, anti-social behavior, graffiti, fly tipping, or dog fouling, to the relevant authority to help to protect the area.

For more information and to speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood team call 101.

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To sign up, or to find out more about the Park Guardian scheme, call the Chesterfield Community Safety Partnership Team on 01246 345225 or email: Community.Safety@chesterfield.gov.uk