Police disperse up to 100 youths from outside leisure centre after reports of fighting

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Latest news.

Police were called to Killamarsh last night afte reports of up to 100 youths outside a well-known meeting point, with damaged caused to a car.

When officers from Derbyshire and South Yorkshire arrived at Killamarsh Leisure Centre at 9pm, the teenagers dispersed, but kept meeting up in smaller groups in the area.

Reports on social media last night suggested the youths had been waiting for a fight to take place, but police said this did not happen.

The incident comes just weeks after after 10 new neighbourhood watch groups were set-up in Killamarsh after a spate of ant-social behaviour.

A police spokesman said: “One boy was detained to prevent a breach of the peace but he later apologised and was released to his mother.

“A car was also damaged by members of one group.”